Tagaytay is infamous for its restaurants with views overlooking Taal Volcano. Its views serves as a relaxing release from the sights and sounds of the city, making it a popular nearby destination this holiday season.

Charito is a Bag of Beans restaurant in Tagaytay which is the fifth branch of this massive franchise. The main branch was well known for its secret garden feels and while it was located in Tagaytay, it did not have the lake views most restaurants in the area did like Antonios or Balay Dako. Charito hits the sweet spot by combining fine dining, excellent lake views and stylishly designed rustic interiors.[Source]

We arrived a little bit past lunch and the place was still packed. At the waiting area,  a koi pond keeps the children occupied while we picked the seats with the lake views.

Charito, being fully booked for the holiday season, wasn’t accepting reservations anymore so if you plan to visit anytime soon, be ready to wait. We were seated in less than 20 minutes because it was already past the peak lunch hours. 

It was worth the wait.

We explored the place for a bit while waiting for our seats and had our washroom break after a long drive to Tagaytay. Charito has Function rooms for private parties fit for a tea party or gala dinner.

On the 2nd floor is a Function room where 2 washrooms are located. Their 3rd floor had an even bigger Function room where a private party was held during our visit. Another function room on the 3rd floor had a big dining table that could seat a family of 10. It also had its own washroom.

Charito is strewn with carefully-thought-of trinkets and highlights adding to its glamour.

The menu is similar to Bag of Beans with an added touch of a beverage menu that will let you surprise yourself with a non alcoholic beverage of the month for Php150. I won’t spoil the surprise for you because I didn’t order that but I could see the other tables having colorful shakes while we opted for their signature  bottomless kapeng barako. 

How far is the bottom for bottomless?

Due to the cold weather at 27 degrees, coffee gets cold quickly so 2 cups was the bottom for me. I kinda didn’t want to know how far 3 cups of kapeng barako would kick my senses. 

Blueberry Cheesecake with whipped cream top layer Php175

Bottomless Kapeng Barako with steamed milk Php 135

Charito does not have a kids menu so we let the little ones pick. My daughter wanted pasta and she chose their carbonara. My son, on the other hand wanted something with no sauce or soup so we chose the Lechon Kawali for sharing.

Carbonara – Cream Sauce with bacon bits, Php 350

Roast Beef Marinated in lots of herbs and seasonings, Php 495

Lechon Kawaliboiled pork chop and deep fried, served with lechon sauce, Php 450


Baby Back Ribs
Slow braised Pork Ribs with barbeque sauce

The kiddos loved the Lechon Kawali, even more so because the pork skin was thin and wasn’t too crispy to be hard for their little jaws to bite on to. The Baby Back Ribs, I think could serve two since it is a full slab, I could only devour half of it. I was so full after having a taste of the Roast Beef on top of that, it was soft and tasty with thyme. I just wish it has more sauce on the side. There wasn’t much sense to ask for sauce on the side because it was almost gone.

I had a cheesecake with my second cup of coffee. Yes I was full but…desert…

This made time for the littlest ones to explore the trees beside and underneath the viewing area. It would have been a haven for bird watchers, if you watch closely you will see a Yellow-vented Bulbul swooping downwards. [Source

The kiddos also had fun watching these 5 monkeys in the trees while singing the nursery rhyme for Five Little Monkeys and filling the air with their giggles. Unfortunately only 2 are caught in this photo.

A baked goodies shop beside the dining area lets you get a taste of Charito without the wait. They had cakes there that wasn’t on the menu like a Chocolate Red Velvet cake. They mostly had pasalubong items in quaint little plastic packs.

We took some kulit photos like this with the little ones because it wasn’t raining anymore, also to pass the time, wishing the heavy traffic at the parking exit would magically disappear.

Charito was a great dining experience with the family with the great ambience, excellent degustation, add to that the leisurely drive to Tagaytay and the amazing sights from their balcony.

If you plan to bring toddlers, they have wooden high chairs available. If you plan to bring adults, they have beer and wine in their menu.

Click on the map for directions.

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