Registration and Attendance Stats


Steemit Grand Meet and Greet held on August 5 at Rehab Distillery Gastrobar in Mandaluyong initially had 17 pre-registrants that helped pay the initial downpayment to lockdown the venue.

A few people had contacted on my facebook page which ramped the number up to 23 a day before the event.

Early birds arrived as early as 4:30 PM and were welcomed by @tjpezlo, @raynarojas, Bowie and Darlin (recruits by @immarojas) at the Registration Booth.

Here’s the fasttrack video of the preparations:


Program Proper Highlights


A quick summary of the things we covered during our meet and greet – we had our opening remarks by @sasha.shade where he also discussed best practices when posting on Steemit. Next, Deveerei talked about how he earns as a graphic artist on Steemit, inspiring artists to join. I then talked about being new to blogging on steemit and how different it is from earning per click/impression as a blogger followed up by @sasha.shade on how to open and rules for opening a steemit account. Then  @surpassing google gave our newbie steemians inspiring words on how steemit changes people’s lives, as he blogged about in his most recent post. We had a short break for dinner then @jeanelleybee talked about turning your STEEM into Philippine Peso, giving us a bit of background on STEEM, STEEM Power and SBD  which then led to a full discussion on cryptocurrency with the rest of the seasoned steamians.



Highlights of the event and chosen photos by our official photographer and videographer:

Prizes and Giveaways

Prizes that were given away included @teamphilippines 5 STEEM for Chat Reputation contest in PAL Discord. Also those who arrived BEFORE 5 PM received 5 Beyondbits as part of our Early Bird Prize. We had a facebook marketing contest where the post with the most number of likes win 20 Beyondbits and the winner is — @grazz!!! You totally deserve it. 🙂 Our post got 2300++ views in total and 35 shares!



For the GRAND Finale, we did the 200 Total Beyondbits Raffle. (1, 2, 3)


Watch the video to see the reactions and suspense when the winners were revealed!


Thanks and Call to Action

I’d like to say a special thanks to our speakers and organizers who helped the newbies and soon to be steemians with their questions:


@deveerei, @cloh76, @surpassinggoogle, @tjpezlo, @luvabi, @grazz, @jeanelleybee (in place of @dreamiely who was sick) and @sasha.shade

Also a big thanks to our Registration lead and emcee – @grazz !!!

Thanks to @tjpezlo and @immarojas’ nieces/nephew (Bowie, Darlin, @raynarojas) who manned the Registration booth and welcomed everyone to the event.

Thanks to @deveerei and @haleyaerith for printing out shirts for our fellow Steemians.

Thanks to our official photographer @wilbejel and also @olivercuico for being ready with their camera to take photos. Thanks to Enrico for taking videos of our animated discussion.

Maraming Salamat to those who attended and mingled with everyone!

@monkeypattycake, @jazzybells, @craftech, @haneun, @antonette, @blessednami, @chinito, @jazzybells, @decsterity, @dearjyoce

Some people did not go but paid like @shellany, @immarojas, @callmeelle and @monkeypattycake’s bf which gave us a little bit of legroom to buy additional orders of chicken, nachos and beer for everyone!

Please give these guys a warm welcome – @cacojuangco and  @nobleman. They just opened their accounts.

Meanwhile these guys planned to contact me on my facebook page for assistance on creating their accounts:

Mar Neil

And of course thanks to those who donated beyondbits, SBD and steem to help fund all the registration materials, logistics, printouts, balloons, tarpaulin, additional food, and a little bit of booze for everyone.

@officialfuzzy @darthnava @shellany @immarojas

It was so much fun planning this meetup/ mini steemfest for you guys, I look forward to us, growing in number while building each other up!


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