“You’re the BEST MOM EVER!”

My 6 year old daughter said those words while waiting in line for an hour at the gate of the Hi-5 mall show. This is after waiting 6 hours for the show to start and waiting 1 hour just to get the free passes.

This is something this show taught my little ones best – PATIENCE.

Hi-5 also visited last 2014 and my then 3 yr old daughter was thrilled to watch the show at the Venice piazza mall. There were cast members that were new that time and the only one she knew was Stevie.

This time around, all of the Hi-5 cast are new faces albeit singing the same tunes that my little ones L.O.V.E.

For those who don’t know Hi-5, they’re a popular educational show on Disney Junior that you CANNOT avoid singing and dancing to with your toddler while they watch it.

Here is a video of all their songs that my little ones love:


Here’s the NEW Hi-5 cast – Bailey, Courtney, Joe, Shay and Lachie 

did a great job getting the kiddo’s interest even though my 3 year old boy was saying, “Where’s Hi-5? That’s not Hi-5,” he eventually danced and sang his favorite Hi-5 songs just like the other kids. 

Hi-5 performed their well loved songs such as Under the Sea, L.O.V.E., Some Kind of Wonderful, When You Wish upon a Star, You are Amazing

The part my son really looked forward to was the Meet and Greet. He said to me just as the crowd was getting ready for the show to start,”I want to be there on stage with Hi-5,  Mommy.”

So when the emcee gave the signal, I waited at the side of the stage with the other parents and I told them to line up with the other kids and wait for their turn onstage.

Hi-5 Meet and Greet Photo Session

They were all smiles that day, all the wait was worth it after all. We went home really tired but that day was a memory they will remember forever.

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