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I wrote in this post about Homeschool Essentials that having your own space for studying is important. We did have that but it didn’t shout HOMESCHOOL just yet. Here’s the steps we followed to setting up our homeschool space.

Create an Effective Physical Environment.

Make sure your child has a desk or work area where she can concentrate on school work when needed. Let your child decorate the space with the name of your home school and pretend play that it is an actual school that you both participate in. Have him/her name your homeschool and make a poster on the wall with it.

Like a regular school, let you child have an area for her books, pin up their most recent artwork or put up posters of the topics you will be touching on for the trimester.

Decorate your homeschool space

On one of our Art sessions, we created a banner that says, HOMESCHOOL. We haven’t decided where to put it yet. As you see above, my daughter was very careful attaching the letters.

A few weeks back, I also created a pin-up of my daughter’s homechool schedule with all her subjects listed out. It’s taped up on her old writing board and covered with plastic. We follow the schedule most days but her hardship is mostly in her Filipino subject so we spend a lot of time there. Her Math, Science and Reading books are almost all answered because the books are so colorful, she reads it and answers it without me asking her to do it. We do reviews and learning checks on schedule.


The schedule is 50 minutes for major subject, but on Fridays, we take time for Art and on Mondays, we have the Computer lessons she has been asking for. We keep their school books separate by using their trolley bags and ask them to put their stuff back in the bag, like how it goes in their regular school before. It’s not visible but my son has his own trolley bag, filled with Kindergarten books from his sister and my friend’s son. He also does Kumon worksheets, also from my friend which is very helpful.

We also have recess, yay! It’s setup like a regular school so they also have time for a quick break.

The workspace is the center of your homeschool space

We have used their old worn up table that had crayon marks all over it that I knew it was about time to replace it.

I went on another online buying adventure and found this pre-loved cute table set. It looked a bit worn out in the photos with marker writings and aging marks but I knew with a bit of cleaning it would be a great space for my kids to learn. When we picked it up, the seller even gave us a toy motorcycle for my little boy.

I cleaned the Step2 table set with a bit of color safe bleach and viola! it was good as new. On the table is the Steemit souvenir from our last meetup from @zararina and my daughter’s favorite Word search puzzle book.



Space to explore

I also relocated our mini-library. It’s a mess but that’s a good sign somewhat because my kids take books from it every so often. Their favorite is the Visual dictionary I got from a friend’s garage sale. My kids find everything there.



There’s a peek into our simple homeschool space and how we improved it little by little. Next we need a bulletin board for all their artwork but for now, that’s all going on the kitchen cabinets.

Let me know in the comments how you decorate your study area for your kids. Thanks for reading!


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