I have been thinking of daily posts for a while. Since I cannot guarantee that I can post religiously,  I decided to set these topics for weekend postings.

Ta-daan! #sciencesaturdays

Saturdays will be purely dedicated to science stuff that me and my kids to, like our trips to oceans parksthe zoothe mind museumthe observatory, planetarium (post pending) and taan-tana-daaaan! easy home experiments that we TRY to do at home.I think this is a good direction as we prepare to transition next month to homeschooling and we want to maximize our kid’s experience while not stressing their little brains by making each activity fun.

Well, here’s to hoping that we don’t burn the house down while doing our tiny experiments with their tiny, carefree hands. 

*fingers crossed*

Ta-daan! #gamenightsundays

I posted before about our Monopoly night but that was the ONLY post I did about game night. Truthfully we played only a few times since then and all we ever played with our kids were Monopoly, Chess, Checkers, and with our 3 year old – Snakes and Ladders. He loooves that  game.

There I conclude that to dedicate more time for playing during game night, we will play on Sundays, hopefully every Sunday.

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