After a tiring morning at work, a few colleagues and I tried out Samgyupsalamat at Jupiter St in Makati.

I was very hesitant because all you can eat pork seemed extreme but doesn’t Korean food just make you drool?

When we arrived we were seated with a big hot coal grill in the middle of our table with an efficient exhaust right on top of the hot plate to suck in the hot air so it doesn’t fill the room.  You might be thinking coal grill – of course they need proper ventilation, they wouldn’t want customers to suffocate from the carbon monoxide. It was very different from the usual buffet places that have electric grills. On the plus side their AC was quite cold and they have a wall mounted LCD tv playing all Korean pop groups or acts to enhance the feel of Korea in the restaurant.

The fee for lunch (11am-3pm) was

A. 399 for Unlimited Pork and

B. 449 for Unlimited Pork + Beef.

We all chose the 2nd option and loved the Korean marbled beef. The bacon slices were also yummy with some kimchi and rolled up in lettuce leaves with some peanut sauce. I devoured the vegetable side dishes and in addition, had a bowl of sticky steamed white rice.

Just thinking about it makes me hungry right now.

Beef samgyup (top right), Yangnyim moksal (top right lower plate)

Samgyupsalamat doesn’t accept reservations so it helped one of us went there early to wait in line while we were in transit. It was midweek, lunchtime and YES there was a line. 7 of us occupied 2 tables and the staff replaced the charred grill once for us during our foodfest.

They are very serious about the NO LEFTOVER POLICY. We were getting the bill and the waiter reiterated the leftover policy. I made sure to stuff any leftover bacon in my mouth. I thought I would never eat bacon again but these photos pull me right back in.

My friend cooked 3-5 plates of meat! There were only 3 of us at the table so you do the math. 

Happy about herself with a plate of Yangnyum daepae, giving out the Korean heart. 

Samgyupsalamat was a great dining experience for us and we will definitely be back for more bonding over Korean boy bands and food.

Thanks for reading!

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