Buffets are like cherries on top of a three scoop ice cream sundae, they’re the best ever and you can’t get enough of them so easily. Buffets are quite pricey for middle class folks like us but they had a Php200 off Special Price for a Lunch Buffet, who could say no to that?

Makes you keep coming back for more.

Everywhere in the metro, there are tons of options for birthday buffets, our favorite so far is  Niu by Vikings. Sambokojin had the same two for one deal, but not just on the day of your birthday, also 3 days before and after your birthday. What a great deal, don’t you think?

We visited the Sambokojin at SM Southmall and even though we didn’t have reservations, having our names penciled into the guest list and eventually getting seats were a breeze considering that it was a weekday. I did notice there were a few birthdays being celebrated during our visit. I became a big Samgyupsal fanatic some time ago and Sambokojin really hits the sweet spot for the occasional Samgyupsal cravings.


I am gonna love you…in mah belly!

My posts are a telltale sign that this girl loves to eat. Here’s everything I devoured during this three hour buffet. Hold on to your seat!

Would I sit through a Korean Buffet without Samgyupsal? Definitely not! The shrimps were to die for but as expected, these were gone from the selection in minutes. Bacon wrapped Enoki mushrooms were also a favorite and I took the last ones. 


At any buffet I’ve tried, I usually make a beeline for the carvings and I did just that at Sambokojin, their Roast Beef was sinful but exquisitely tasty. I added an expectation vs. reality photo below, their carving options don’t fail to impress. Instead of rice, I settled for some brocolli sprouts (diet pero mejo lang).

If I wasn’t afraid to getting an instant high blood pressure(putok batok), I would have come back for seconds.

My husband picked this out for me to have a taste, I had no idea what it’s called, a good guess would be – Japanese Stir Fried Vegetables and Seafood soup(?) It was a good match for the Roast Beef and Pork Belly. Yum Yum.

The best part of the meal was this 3 scoop bowl of Green Tea gelato and a 3 cake sampler chosen by none other than me. The Red Velvet cake with Sakura blossoms printed on an icing sheet was too kawaii to eat. It was a bit dry on the tongue but the gelato made up for it.


Let’s take a look around


The carving station boasted 6 choices of sauce. My personal favorite is the Roast Beef.

Drinks come free with the buffet except for beer and coffee. We drank the blue lemonade for a colorful finish to our meal.

There were  number of salad choices ready mixed for you to take from a refrigerated display. The shrimp tempura was also a favorite and was set beside crispy vegetable tempura like camote.

The Flavors of Korea selection were plentiful and had grilled vegetables and seafood in the mix.

Sambokojin had a number of sushi, maki and ramen variations that are in the next photos. These were to drool for but there was no more space in my tummy.

Then there was Galbi Jjim,  Bibimbap, and Kamameshi. These all look so delicous!

Sambokojin had a great deal on the Php200 off but at that rate, it was still quit pricey when compared to a Yakimix lunch buffet. Will I be back? Considering that other Samgyupsal buffet were at Php450, Sambokojin was the more expensive choice but there was an array of carving and ramen choices that made it worth it while,especially if you go 3 days before, on the day, and 3 days after your birthday.

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