Oatmeal cookies

Rustan’s Evia had an amazing 75% off on some Duncan Hines ready to mix cake batter and Waitrose nutty almond honey oatclusters. I went crazy and bought 6 boxes to have some fun baking sessions with my 2 year old. The Duncan Hines website had a recipe for cookies that involved adding 2 eggs, 1/4 cup oil and 2 cups oatmeal. After that we rolled 1inch balls and put them on a sheet of foil 1 inch apart. After 10 minutes on 350 F in the turbo broiler, we ended up with a feast of 30 cookies and some cookie batter on our fingers.


Baking with your kids is a great “patience building” activity. Best do it before bath time though. The smile on Mika’s was genuinely PRICELESS.


We let her help roll the balls up in her hands. It was quite rewarding seeing her while she was watching the cookies bake. She was so proud when she tasted the final product. We made that mommy,she said.

I wish you could have tasted the chewy chocolatey crunch of those oatmeal cookies.


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