You know you’re old when all you and your friends do is brunch. 

You’re too tired to wake up early enough for breakfast, you’re too busy to have a light breakfast AND lunch. So you compromise…

It isn’t my first time to try the culinary fare at Mary Grace but I loved it this time even more because we were the first to get there.

The place was serene and the light ambiance welcomed a great start to our day.

I even took time to admire the mechanical dragonfly and butterfly beside the assortment of lamps.

I couldn’t eat a whole meal with rice or their specialty- Beef Tapa with rice so I decided to go for half a plate of Seafood Pasta. 

A medley of fresh clams, mussels, prawns, squid and cream dory enhanced with herbs, olives and mushrooms. Source

Loved the clams and cheesy garlicky taste of this dish. This plate here is already half a serving, so a whole plate of this can be good for sharing if paired with starters, pastries or one of their oven brick pizzas.

The brunch was made even more special by conversations with friends. 

IF you feel a little down, don’t forget to read the inspirational notes on your table. 

Whoever wrote this, you are a gift to humankind.

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