Last Sunday my little boy experienced a concert of culture and the arts at Musikalye.

In the midst of the afternoon, we listened to poetry, and Filipino artists from different groups across the Philippines that bring a little bit of their culture to share to the kids of Metro Manila. Kweba in Luneta Park was the perfect place for the concert – hidden, but its resonating sounds inviting everyone strolling the paved walkways of Luneta park or having their picnics by the fountain as they anticipate the celebration of Araw ng mga Bayani or National Heroes day.

Musika meaning Music and Kalye meaning Street merges the theme of Filipino Culture, Music and the Arts and takes these to the streets of Manila.

There was quite a crowd at Luneta, it was quieter the last time we went. This time the grassy areas were filled with picnic goers and families enjoying siesta by the fountain. Our @Steemph family, on the other hand was was busy meeting faces for the first time and sharing stories about our online and offline experiences.

The kids enjoyed watching the cultural  bands onstage with an artist painting a mural during the concert. A freedom wall kept the kids busy for a little bit – unaware how their tiny hands with the freedom to paint and express is one of the reasons why this anticipation of National Heroes day is celebrated through this gathering of unique talents.

Musikalye celebrates heroes of the old revolution whose status are spread throughout the expanse of Luneta Park, exemplary is the monument of our National Hero, Dr. Jose Rizal. It celebrates the unspoken heroes such as those who were part of HUKBALAHAP like my grandfather and great-grandfather. I was filled with pride and honor to be part of Musikalye. 

Thanks to YAKAL Org for spearheading this concert, may there be more Music in the streets of Manila in the coming years.

We promised our little one we would let him ride the train before we went home and just when we were leaving the concert area of  Kweba, the jeepney train rolls right in front of us. He was excited and speechless during he whole ride. We paid only Php50 and took 10 minutes people watching while on board the train jeepney that went around the park. It was a quick ride but he was so happy about it. Little kids with their little joys that fill their hearts for a lifetime.

The National Museum of Natural History was a sight to behold as we left Manila. I just had to ask my husband to take a photo.

Manila and Luneta Park is even more of a sight at night. It was indeed a day well spent cherishing memories of our Filipino heroes and making new ones with our @SteemPh family.

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