After almost a decade of leaving and permanently settling someplace else, a few of my girlfriends talked about going back to our hometown in Dumaguete and having a staycation together. 

A lot of beach resorts have popped up in the area and we heard Siaton beaches were a better visit than Dauin beaches due to their sandy shorelines. Dauin beaches are popular for their rocky shorelines and reef fit for muck diving. After checking on Agoda and Tripadvisor, we read a review for Antulang, our first choice, stating that the beach there is actually stony, not sandy.

Since my mommy friends were going with kids, we also wanted to go somewhere with a pool. Cove Paradise in Siaton fit the requirements perfectly so we booked 2 rooms including their 2 Beachfront cottages on Agoda. The reviews were positive as well.

I corresponded with the resort through email and then contacted them via SMS before going there. They were accommodating and even called us and gave us directions on how to get there. Make sure you ask the resort to pick you up at the main road else book your own transportation because you will be standing at an empty roadside for a while if you go without prior arrangements. The place is quite secluded which was good because it was private and quiet. It was like having the whole beach to yourself. Probably because we were there on a weekday.

We arrived on  Thursday afternoon and the resort had only one other group staying there that time. The pool was not filled up to the brim and there were some leaves but by Friday morning it was clean and inviting as you can see in the photo.

We had two of these huts infront of our beach cottage. I think it’s a great place to take a nap, OR breathe in the salty air while immersed in a novel, OR down a bottle of wine with your girlfriends while laughing at stupid things from the past. I won’t tell you which one of the three we accomplished. *wink*

Make sure you are able to check if there are still a round of blackouts happening in the area. The electricity went off at about 10 pm and went on for about 30-45 minutes which was a bit of inconvenience to my friend who had a baby with her. After talking to the resort owner, they turned on the generator so the crying baby girl could get some sleep. They couldn’t overload the generator so we agreed to use an electric fan for a short time until the electricity was back up. The cool breeze from the sea was refreshing really, I didn’t mind not having the A/C on for a while.

Outside food is not allowed in Cove Paradise but their breakfast which comes with the accommodation had big servings. I ate mine for brunch before we left the resort the next day then I ordered an add-on of brewed coffee for Php50. Too bad they didn’t have shrimps but I enjoyed their Margherita pizza (Php280) which was good for sharing. The prices in their menu ranged from Php280-Php400 with servings good for 2 based on what we experienced. A bottle of chardonnay was Php590. *wink* 

We left Cove Paradise relaxed and renewed – happy for taking the time to meet again after so many years. We realized that it’s like we never parted. We are,in so many ways,the same persons we were when we left our hometown.

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And…now back to the daily grind.

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