Jumping Clay is a partner of Parents@HP (now Parents@DXC) whenever we have kids Arts Workshops or Bazaars. It is an educational tool that can be used to make 3D creation that will spark your children’s imaginations while helping them “Learn through Play” as their facebook page says.

Warning old post ahead circa July 2015:

So last July when I learned that they had a Party Package up on Cashcashpinoy, I immediately inquired with our JC contact, Ms. Joyce  if they would be able to do it in Jollibee, Commerce Alabang for my son’s 2nd birthday party. She said it was sadly out of the cities they included in the deal but since we worked with each other before and they have this 50% off sale ongoing in their Greenhills branch (near Xavier School), she was willing to help me estimate the number of packets I needed to purchase so that kids will be able to make tiny owls similar to these samples.

Perspective. This is how tiny they are.

I ended up buying clay in resealable packets good for 25 kids (and kids at heart). All in all it only cost me Php1400.


Then I used this video from You tube and played it on loop for the mommies to follow. Soooo easy!



The kids (and mommies) were happy with the mini workshop before the party proper at Jollibee Commerce Ave.  The whole thing which involved both mommies and kids took only 30 minutes. Afterwards, we had a photo-op with the owls!

Kids making their Jumping Clay Owls


Kids with their finished creations


What’s cool about Jumping Clay is that it hardens after some hours and you can use it as a birthday giveaway, turn it into a keychain or attach a string to it so it can be used as a phone charm. Sooo cute!


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Hope you liked this activity, share it with your kids and comment below to tell us how they liked making their polymer clay creations!

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