I NEVER played with Legos when I was young.


The first time I held a lego in my hand was when my professor in college handed me a Lego Mindstorms Robotic kit and told me to get creative while I waited at the Faculty office for my grade. I thought to myself, when I have kids I’ll make sure to buy them this same kit.

Surprise, surprise, when I searched for  Mindstorms kit, they cost a limb and then some. If you have the same heart jumping syndrome like me when you check the prices of these lego kits, I have an outstanding solution for you.

LEGO heaven for your little one without breaking the bank.

The Lego iCreate Cafe is located at the 2nd Floor of Venice Piazza Mall. Being that it is also a cafe, they also serve sandwiches, coffee, and beverages. Their packages start at Php250 and goes up to Php2000 for a 10 hour play time (bonus 2 hours free if you have the flier). We opted for the 12 hour package for Php2000 and my daughter was excited to get her own membership card with her name on it.

They gave us a form that will be marked each time my daughter goes for a visit. It lists:

  1.  We Do 2.0 Milo
  2. Story starter
  3. Simple Mechanics
  4. Renewable Energy
  5. LEGO Animation 
  6. LearnToLearn
  7. Early Simple Machines
  8. LEGO Robotics

 She started off with a video tutorial of what to expect and then did the Story starter.  

LEGO Education phase 2 is the StoryStarter kit wherein she will make stories or a comic strip through mini Lego dioramas. 

The first one she made was a farmer gathering his harvest. She would take hours playing and after we came back for the second time, only then did she finish her Lego comic strip.

While waiting, my 4 year old, who could not register yet eagerly played with these giant Lego pieces. The staff at the I create Cafe were kind and let him play free of charge with some Lego duplo sets that they had in the waiting tables.

The stories she made did not have a consistent flow, she made a park, a wedding scene but in the end she made it work, clever kid. She typed to words to her story herself but her Lego instructor helped her put the images on their Lego app. 

Let their imaginations fly.

Her story starter experience was too much fun that she used up 6 hours already!  We have yet to come back for her to get into simple machines. 

This activity helped her appreciate her Lego classic kit at home more and let her imagination explore storytelling and story progression. We will need a LOT more hours before she gets to complete her form and we’re just excited about this checklist.

The membership for the 10 hour package plus 2 free hours is valid for a year so we’re not exactly in any hurry to consume the 12 hours just yet.

Lots of practice, lots of patience.

These two are what you need if you plan to take your little one to the iCreate Cafe. All in all, waiting for 6 hours for a story like that is well worth it, don’t you think?

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