How To Play

You will need to set-up your tower first but putting 3 pcs of wood or  blocks beside each other while leaving a small gap in between them. Then put 3 more blocks on top in criss-cross pattern for each layer.

Once all blocks have formed a tower, let the youngest play go first to remove 1 block and put it on top of the tower without making the tower fall down or jumble. For us it was my 4yo who absolutely loved the sound or the blocks jumbling down. The game is recommended for 6yo and up but I play it with my kids and supervise to make sure they don’t throw it at each other or maybe chew the wood.

If you change your mind about the block you chose, you need to put it back the way it was before you touched it.

This is pretty similar to Jenga but we didn’t see Jenga in the bookstore we visited. We went ahead and bought it because we were excited to play.

Let the jumbling begin!

How To Win

Make sure you choose only the blocks that are loose and do not move the tower when you touch it. If a player causes the tower to jumble down, the player who went before WINS!

Watch the video to see how much fun we had playing the game. Sometimes my kids use the blocks to make different towers that they pretend is a condo they live in (we each have a floor) or a square house with a door.

Their imaginations are limitless.

Happy Jumbling !

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