Filipinos LOVE Christmas.

We love it so much we put our Christmas decors up when the calendar hits September. Roads and malls light up with decor that you cannot help but feel the Christmas spirit in the air…in SEPTEMBER.

Christmas season in the Philippines is officially the longest in the world. We anticipate the lavish lights at Makati Ayala Triangle and at the Meralco building facade in Ortigas, alongside the early dawn masses that according to tradition will help grant your wish if you complete all 9 mornings.

I think it’s purely because it’s good for business, people are more cheerful and shop more at Christmas time. There could be a cultural aspect to it because the population of the Philippines is largely Catholic. Then again it could be because these Christmas decor are crazy pricey! Get the most bang for the buck if you get the decorations up early.

My daughter asked me when November was ending…

Mommy why is everyone excited for Christmas…except us? 

I didn’t put up any decorations yet because I have a 4 year old who will toss a ball when he sees one. I also gave up our years old tree last year when I couldn’t find proper storage for it. I always thought I would get around to buying a tree but work and blogging and kids so it was December and NO TREE up yet.

I know, excuses right?

Evolution of our old Christmas tree.

So we went window shopping for a tree and the one I like costs Php3,700. Totally absurd!
I went online shopping at Lazada to pick a tree that looked similar for only Php 899, crossed my fingers and prayed that it would come out the same as the photos.

Wishful thinking.


In the end, I am satisfied.

The tree had bottle brush like bristles and fanned out at the sides rather than extend from the trunk but I think I made it work with my old Christmas ornaments. I set it up while the little ones were sleeping so they had a awesome surprise when they went downstairs in the morning.



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