Last month I finally moved to my own domain at !




Thanks to my followers for clicking the SUBSCRIBE button! I have endless appreciation for your dedication to blogging and I hope we can continue to support each other in the blogger community.

Moving to my own hosting was something I tried to figure out on my own so it took a little bit of time to get everything locked down. Exporting and Importing is pretty easy as well as adding affiliate banners and widgets. If you need help on that, hit me up in the comments. *wink* We bloggers need to help each other, right?

One thing that took some time and that I didn’t pay notice to, was moving my current following to the new site. When I googled it, I was sent to a few pages that were informational but didn’t really give me what I needed. So here I wan’t to hand it to you guys on a silver platter.

If you need to transfer your WORDPRESS.COM followers to WORDPRESS.ORG/self hosted site, click on this Jetpack help link. Here’s a subset of the crucial part:

On the Settings page under the Discussion tab, scroll down and click on migrate followers from another site on the bottom:


Hope this was useful for you! Visit my new site here – or click on the image above.

Keep blogging and spreading the love!

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