Today we remember and give our warmest gratitude to our former teachers all throughout all our years of study. It’s a Worldwide celebration for Teacher’s  day!

Beginning in 1994,the United Nation’s brought about this tradition to celebrate the role teachers play in giving quality education at all levels and their contributions to society. Countries such as Japan, New Zealand, Canada, India and the UK have Teacher’s Unions and professional organizations alongside Teachers of English to Speakers of other Languages (TESOL) that have local events for teachers.[1]

In the Philippines, as stated in Republic Act 10743, we also celebrate the same every Oct 5 where activities are led by the Department of Education.[2] Children make cards and artworks with messages dedicated to their teachers and special program are held in schools.

We should also take a moment to remember all the teachers that made an impact in our lives and helped shape who we are today. 

You are heroes in our hearts!

I would also like to give a virtual hug to all homeschooling moms who are teachers to their kids everyday. Parents are the first teachers of the little rascals in their lives and I salute you for being brave to take on the responsibility of your child’s educations. Teaching is hard work and once child is already a handful, what  more if it were a full classroom! 😲

What will you do for your teacher today?





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