Happy Fathers day to all dads out there!

Special shoutout to my dad and an extra loud one for my husband. 

We ❤ you!

The little ones prepared for Father’s day by bugging  their dad about when Despicable Me 3 would come out. They had learned about it at the Despicable Me booth at the Slime Cup Run.

I asked them to prepare a message or a drawing for daddy dearest while he was asleep and when we found their Li’l Hands watercolor, they decided to paint instead. I knew it was going to be messy so I held my breath a little then said, Mmmkay .

1 hour or so later…

The little boy said he would give his dad a car so he wanted me to draw Lightning Mcqueen impromptu. This was all I could come up with. Close enough. I helped him pic the colors he could use (or else he would have painted on his hand and mark it all over the oslo paper).

This second one is a story of a dad and a daughter taking a trip. Though I have no idea why there is  two headed blue dog or person at the left side. She envisions a world of rainbows, butterflies and floating yellow hearts while they are taking this trip.

Both paintings are taped to our kitchen cabinets.

As a celebration of dad’s awesomeness, he took us to see Despicable me. It was our little boy’s first time to watch in an actual cinema and he was excited.

The Cinemas in Commerce Center Alabang are very new and clean. The place doesn’t get too crowded which is an added bonus.

We were lucky little boy sat still through the whole movie and didn’t have any tantrums even though the screening overlapped with his naptime. They enjoyed the movie immensely and were still talking about it when we got home.

Thanks for reading and I hope you too are having a blast celebrating Father’s day!

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  1. First of all: Happy Father’s Day!
    2nd: The art works are amazingly cute!!! The kids did a great job! I love the photos of your little ones on the stage. It def. shows their personality! Lol
    3rd: I completely agree with you, we bloggers should support each other! I am a new mommy blogger too and would love it if you take a few moment to check out my page and show me some love too 🙂



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