It’s the start of the New Year, 2017 went by so fast, don’t you think?

Looking back at the year that was, here are some highlights of 2017 for me and my family starting with

(1) a Ladybug my kids saw while taking a walk. When we think about how long or far we’ve walked, they look at the tiniest things and see the leaves with the ladybugs.

(2) A lovely Manila Bay sunset with the Roxas blvd and Manila Skyline taken by my husband.

(3) A telltale photo of my funny battle with  a bowl of Tsukemen thanks to my cousin who unbeknownst to me ordered me the second largest serving.

(4) My friend at the bow of the boat which I took while alone in the deep waters, braving my fear of the deep seas during a scuba diving adventure.

(5) Makati CBD skyline and EDSA traffic taken by my husband while anticipating his trip home from the office. (6) My daughter’s portrait painting of an ultra- colorful Mommy –  I had no idea my hair looked like that.

(7) A view of Pico de Loro cove while me and my friend enjoyed iced cappucinos at the beach – mommy style.

(8) The time when my kids met Santa for the second time, then my daughter noticed how he was different from last year and concluded that the Real Santa is dead. I told her Santa lives in all of us when we make children happy.

(9) A rare photo of a usually busy walkway in Makati that I found to be empty while walking to the terminal.

These photos are a reminder to me, to stop, take a breather and take a step back to look at the beauty of nature, appreciate your blessings, and see the quiet in the midst of a hectic day.

The last year was eventful, mostly because I found a family in @steemph that enabled us to give back to the community by doing one of the things we love most -blogging. There have been many accomplishments for the Steemit Philippines community in  2017 even though we have been around for only 6 months. We’ve had two meet-ups this year and many more to come next year while we enjoy this camaraderie and share it with others as we welcome the year with warmth and gusto.

Happy 2018 to everyone and here’s to us making the most of the next year!

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