Pico de Loro Cove or Hamilo Coast is one of the more popular getaways in Batangas due to its close proximity to Ternate, Cavite which is easily accessible through CAVITEX expressway. Due to the Kaybiang Tunnel that connects Ternate, Cavite to Nasugbu, Batangas,travel time from Manila is brought down to 3 hours.

Isn’t this view worth the 3 hour drive?

It was peak season due to the summer vacation but luckily we were able to get a Condo unit at a reasonable price at the last minute. It just so happened that the owner helped us become accompanied guests and gave it to us at a rate of Php1,400 instead of Php1,300. I felt a little bad about that but I let it go since I was excited to know how the accompanied guests differ from unaccompanied guests aside from pricing. I also had two kids waiting in the car while I was at a long line at the Reception Area (Peak Season indeed!). I just wanted to check-in. Good thing we were still early and Registration was fast enough.

After getting our Guest tags at the Country Club, we were finally able to check-in at the condo unit. The caretaker let us check-in 30 minutes early and also gave us a 5 gallon bottle of drinking water even though we were initially informed that we needed to bring our own water. We were staying for 3 days and 2 nights so the additional drinking water was a welcome surprise.

The studio unit had 2 double sofa beds, a queen sized bed and another double mattress on the floor. There was a coffee table in the corner and picnic table for 4 at the balcony.

My daughter liked the Archie comics for light reading. We could get Nickelodeon and HBO on the TV so my son was happy. There was a tiny kitchen near the main door which had a rice cooker, water heater, microwave oven, and an electric stove. Pots and pans were availabe as well as plates and kitchen utensils. We had everything we needed for our stay.

See the airbnb listing here. Don’t forget to register using the airbnb banner on the right side bar to get a free Php1,100 credit to your account!

We immediately headed for the beach after the kiddo’s afternoon nap.  The beach was crowded, naturally since it was a sunny Saturday afternoon. So was their Country Club. They kept strict to the swimming attire in the pools so best be prepared when you get there. We weren’t able to do much that day except play at the beach after nap time and then swim a little at the Country Club’s many pools.

The next day we made sure that we would be early and our unit owner’s brother met us at the Beach Club to help us get access for the day.

I brought some snacks in a bag and learned that we wouldn’t be able to take any food inside. Best keep any biscuits in your bag and make sure you keep the beach trash-free.

The Beach Club was very convenient, it had a kiddie bathroom and washroom with lockers.  The swimming pools were right by the beach, no need to take a shuttle bus to the Country Club to swim in the pool.

We came back in the afternoon and since we had a different colored wristband which was exclusively for the Beach Club, we just went in hassle free this time.

Food order was available at the beach and beside the pool, you just needed to raise these colored flags and someone would come to get your order. You can also opt to go back to your Condo Unit to eat lunch or dinner like we did. The only restriction I saw was that you couldn’t bring food to the beach.

I saw others bringing bread and jam to the Country Club poolside tables. I brought a light snack of cookies and chocolate milk for my kids and we ate it at the Country Club poolside.

Sunset at the beach was breathtaking. My kids were happy just swimming in the pool and didn’t want to leave. I think it’s actually more convenient to get them washed at the Beach Club kiddie bathrooms or Country club shower rooms rather than go back to the Condo Unit because water would be on low pressure during peak times like after 6pm when everyone is just getting back from the beach and in the morning or right before checkout time.

The beach club access was a definite plus for our stay. There was only 1 adult sized pool and 1 kiddie swimming pool at the Beach Club but it was great to not need to transfer venues after swimming at the beach. Also there were lesser people at the beach in the Beach Club area since you need a different colored wristband to gain access.

The Beach Club access was good only for 1 day so the next morning (Monday) we enjoyed the public side of the beach and the Country Club’s magnificent lake view. There were lesser people this time because everyone had already checked out and started the work week.

The lake side was very relaxing. My family and I liked walking from the rented Condo unit at Carola Building to the Country Club. It was a quick refreshing walk while just taking in the view. There was a hangjng bridge somewhere here but we didn’t have time left to explore.

Pico de Loro Beach and Country Club was a vacation my family and I greatly enjoyed and with the affordable Airbnb listing we found, it was well worth the 3 days and 2 nights stay. We were able to maximize the Pico de Loro guests fees since you only pay that one time for the entire stay.

Here are some of their brochures with rates and guide map:

Pico de Loro guide map

Pico de Loro Sports and Recreation Rates

Pico de Loro Diving (Yes, they have it!)

What I loved the most was the close proximity and accessibility of Pico de Loro Beach and Country Club to Metro Manila.

We will definitely be back next summer!

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