Gymnastics is one sport that my daughter has an eye for. Even when she did ballet at last year’s Summer Workshops at Alabang Town Center, she already expressed interest in gymnastics. I just didn’t know if she would change her mind like she did with ballet (after buying all the ballet paraphernalia *sniff*). 

What’s good about gymnastics is – there is no special attire required! They would start off by doing warm-ups then do some routines after on the beam or on the mat.

Discipline – that’s essential in any sport. This is something that was instilled in her 9-day daily gymnastics routine sponsored by the Philippine Gymnastics and Athletics Academy at Alabang Town Center’s Summer Activities.

She remembered this morning to do her stretches, sit-ups and tried to do a cartwheel on some pillows. She even asked me to do some sit-ups myself. Talk about positive influence.

I managed to get a flier with details on their PGAA Gymnastics camp classes and tuition. There is a 2 year membership fee of Php1500 that you need to pay upon enrollment. Tuition can either be monthly, every 6  months,or yearly.

We plan to avail their Gymstart package if we find a time slot that fits our schedule. You can find the contact details for Coach Gen but if unable to view images here you go – 0917 805 4577. According to their flier, PGAA is located along Alabang-Zapote road, in front of Wilcon Depot and Good Year, beside PNB.

After their 9 day classes PGAA had giveaways for them, Coco Line Soap and Body Wash, a water bottle, and a nice little towel. They also had Dairy Queen stubs so they all went for ice cream afterwards.

I hope Alabang Town Center offers more classes like this next summer. My daughter really had fun this time and met a handful of new friends along the way. One of the kids even recognized her and her cousin from last years’s ballet classes.

Hope your kids enjoyed their summer activities as well! Don’t be shy and hit me up in the comments to share your kids’ summer activities. I’d love to hear from you. *wink*

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