Carpentry is one of my hobbies that I pay less attention to, mainly because my arms hurt a lot afterwards.


All I have right now is a hand saw and a rusty hammer that I borrowed from the neighbor (don’t worry my dad brought one for me on Day 2 of this project).

But then look at the smile on this little guy’s face! He totally loved my semi-masterpiece!



Pinterest has been influential in most of my DIY adventures…

one example being the bench in the photo of this quiant breakfast nook below. But that’s hard to copy unless if you have a heavy duty upholstery sewing machine. I had to make do with what little tools I have.




Buying a dining bench would have costed Php2500 at least. Since I grew up doing odd jobs in my dad’s carpentry shop (yes I did!), I thought I would make myself one.


My last upholstery project was cutting our sofabed to 2/3 of its size and changing its suede fabric to a darker color. My husband kept asking, are you sure you don’t want to just buy another one? I was determined and he wanted to watch Formula 1. He couldn’t without a sofa, could he?


Same story this time, except it’s my dad telling me, it’s raining, come inside. Let someone else do it. Yep I did the woodworks in the rain, that’s how stubborn, err…determined I am.


I don’t give up so easily.


So how did I do it?


Step 1

With some pinterest inspiration I saw these stair balusters at the AllHome depot that I thought would help me achieve the look of tapered sofa legs. I cut them in half, making them uneven, I think next time I could have bought 4 and have 2 sets of legs that matches.


Step 2

I cut pallet wood to 16 inch lengths, I used 5 of these, 2 on each side of the bench and one for the middle. You’ll see later.


Step 3

I nailed the stair baluster/leg onto both ends of the 16 inch pallet wood. 2 of these make up the ends of the bench.

Step 4

I attached the longer wood pieces onto the 16 inch piece that had the legs of the sofa. I added a 16 inch wood plank in the middle then attached the other end of the sofa, the remaining 16 inch pallet with the legs from Step 3.

Step 5

To make the bench sturdier, I added another 16 inch wood to the inside part of the legs. Yay! The frame is now completed and it was nighttime so that was Day 1.

It was difficult taking photos and videos while trying to hammer some nails onto thick pallet wood.


The next day,my brother helped me to make the sofa look beautiful. My arms hurt a bit from sawing wood so pressing down an upholstery stapler was a challenge to do alone. On Day 2, I almost forgot to take photos and contemplated posting about it, but here you go.


Step 6

Add plywood to the top of the frame and the staple down recycled brown carton box on top of the plywood and on the sides. I used recycled plywood from these cabinets I tore down weeks before.


Step 7

Next, add foam onto the brown carton box, stapling at the sides to make sure it stays in place.


Step 8

Lastly, wrap the top of the frame in fabric, carefully folding the fabric around the legs and stapling it down as you go.



I hope I was able to explain most of that, I really regret not taking enough photos of Day 2. I enjoyed making this bench even though I ended up with colds for staying in the rain.

I could sell benches like these…what do you think?
Lol just kidding, maybe when I have a carpentry shop of my own. A girl can dream.

Here’s a quick video of this misadventure. I enjoyed making this bench and blog post so I hope you enjoyed reading and watching too!


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