Dinosaurs Around the World takes you back in time on a dinosaur adventure and a tour of an Earth very different from today – 270 million years ago, before the continents we know existed, when lush landscapes covered Africa and tropical beachers were found in Antartica!

Source: Mind Museum Flier

My kids were so excited to see this Dinosaurs Around the World Exhibit. Aside from the fact that they have been asking to go back to the Mind Museum months back. It was very timely because we had just watched Walking with Dinosaurs so we had good momentum on the dinosaur information like how they lived in the Earth before but now they’re gone because meteors hit the Earth once circa Ice Age movie setting.


My friend and I had a playdate of sorts since she also had a four year old in tow. I used my Mastercard to avail of a 3+1 deal on entrance tickets.  We had already visited Mind Museum before which I posted about here and my little ones absolutely love exploring wonders there. In our first visit, we were able to watch a mini-movie about evolution and watch a dome show about the Big Bang Theory.

While waiting, you can see two 40-55 ft tall animatronic dinosaurs in their outdoor activity area, teasing us and making the kids more excited about the exhibit. These were moving and making roaring dinosaur sounds while my 4 year old was deciding on being scared about them or not.


Have you ever been to a museum and seen do not touch signs?

It’s challenging to bring kids there right? What’s different with the Mind Museum is that mostly everything is about interactive learning.

The Universe Gallery is one of my daughter’s favorites.  She played around with the solar system and hanging replica of stars. My son liked the moon rover replicas and wanted to hold them and make them go around while sounding off vroom vroom. The Moon Rover wasn’t interactive but we read them the descriptions. Afterwards, they enjoyed playing in the replica of a space module beside it.


We then headed to the Earth Gallery briefly where the 40ft skeleton replica of the Tyrannosaurus Rex and the time lapse track ball controlled video of nature is located, one of my son’s favorite things there. We spent little time in the Life Gallery which showcases the Whale Shark statue.

We went to the second floor to enjoy the Technology Gallery where my little boy learned about decay and how it happens to food, xray machines, planting seeds using a simple machine, and the first Printing Press.


We reconvened in the lobby area after a bathroom break and got ready for the Dinosaur Exhibit in the Special Exhibit Hall. It was a short walk out of the museum building and going in a side entrance. The space was actually small but if you see the video there were quite a number of fossil replicas and advance animatronic life-size dinosaurs in there.


At first my son got scared because the sounds were louder inside the Exhibit hall but I told him these were not real and only robot dinosaurs. After a few minutes, he agreed to have a photo taken.


My daughter wanted to read all the labels and dinosaur names. Later she asked, how did they get the bone? I explained how these were replicas of fossils that were dug up after millions of years.

Top left in next photo: Velociraptor foot

Velociraptor was a predatory dinosaur that lived in Asia between 75 and 71 million years ago. It was an agile killer, balancing on just two toes on each foot, while using a sharp, retractable claw that it plunged into prey.

Source: Exhibit Label in photo

Middle on right hand side of next photo : Protoceratops or First Horn Face

These two dinosaurs – the Velociraptor and Protoceratops, they recognized as similar to the ones in the Walking with Dinosaurs movie.


The exploration of the Dinosaur Exhibit took about 30 minutes. We then went to the outdoor area to take photos with the T.Rex and Spinosaurus.  The Spinosaurus is surprisingly the world’s largest carnivorous dinosaur which reaches a size of up to 55 ft long.

We had extra fun making our own dinosaurs with crayons and digging up for fossils in a sandbox. There was also a kinetic sand pit where you can make sand art dinosaurs through dinosaur shaped molds. Another set of tables were for dinosaur action figures and play acting them on a landscape.


We stayed until they closed at 6pm because my kids enjoyed play-learning so much. They weren’t able to use the activity sheets provided but I think we were able to “maximize fun learning” as the Museum flier said.

Dinosaurs Around  the World Exhibit will run until March 2018 at The Mind Museum in Taguig so if your little ones are also interested in dinosaurs, make sure to get them this Passport to Pangea for Php300 only.

Click on the map for details on how to get to The Mind Museum:


Here’s a map of the Mind Museum so you can optimize your time there. 3 Hours isn’t enough for me and my kids. The guard at the Science Park in our last visit let us play  a bit even though it was already past 6pm.


Share in the comments of you plan to take your kids there too!

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