Coffee shops can be a bit noisy and crowded these days due to the planner fever.

My dad and I had this dilemma of keeping my baby niece asleep while we got our quick meryenda fix. We had to find a nice, quiet place with comfortable seating to avoid having a crying, screaming baby in our arms while her mom got a new haircut. Surprisingly, we passed by Italianni’s and I noticed the reasonable prices on their coffee selections when compared to most coffee shops where Frappuccinos are insanely priced at Php160-205.

Here’s the dealmaker, my favorite cappuccino served with heart shaped froth, priced with love at Php120. If you are wondering, yes, there’s a 12% service charge on top of that so this actually costs Php134.40 which is still quite okay in my opinion since the serving size looked like a grande sized elegantly shaped cup.

So…what do I do with all these forks???


Cappuccino Php 120


We devoured the complimentary bread while waiting for our┬ásnack of chicken sandwich with fries and a salad on the side. My dad chose their Mango Surprise drink to partner with his sandwich. I really didn’t want anything, just coffee, and I was too full to get pasta, too guilty to get cake so I settled on a side salad.

I felt so healthy ordering that…

but then yeah, I ate half of my dad’s truffle fries.



Proscuitto and Chicken Sandwich with a side of Truffle fries Php 375, add Php85 for House or Caesar salad or Soup of the day; Four Seasons Mango Surprise refreshment Php 145


House Specialty -Romaine lettuce tossed in house Caesar dressing and topped with focaccia croutons

If you are going for a quick coffee fix, I think Italianni’s would be the last thing on your mind but I enjoyed the light quiet ambience and the comfortable booth seating while my niece kept fast asleep leaving us to enjoy our food. She woke up only when we were done eating and she didn’t even cry, she liked the place, too.

On an off-peak after lunch hour when I’m craving for a coffee fix, I will for certain, come back to that booth, get that same cappuccino and blog away.

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