We visited pretty early in the season so we were lucky to find some blossoms! Blossoming trees in mid March are pretty hard to come by they (friends and family who have been to Japan) say so each time we saw one, we made sure to take a photo. It was a trip we had been looking forward to for years so experiencing the start of Sakura season was a big highlight of our trip on top of the endlist list of temples and zen gardens we wanted to visit.

Truth is, during Cherry blossom season, it’s hard to come by a tree in full blossom where you are able to take a decent photo with just you in the frame, especially in areas with high traffic of tourists. Everyone wants a photo of these beautiful trees.

Sakura at Tsurimi neighborhood

Sakura at Tokyo Tower

Sakura at Tokyo Tower

Sakura at Yokohama Mall – photo by Mr. R.Dalag

Sakura at Imperial Palace Garden

Sakura at Hasedara temple

Sakura at Hasedara temple

Sakura at Hachimangu temple

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