I saw this chandelier online that looked similar to the one I photographed at posh Charito’s restaurant in Tagaytay.

The previous owner sold it for cheap maybe because it looked pretty old. I thought I could bring new life to this beauty and in turn, it would bring elegance to my humble living room.

Here is how the inspiration for this DIY looked like, from the interior of Charito Restaurant in Tagaytay:

A Touch of Elegance




How did I do it?

You will need:

  • A can of Matte Gold Spray paint
  • 250 pcs Stainless steel wire (the type used for earrings)
  • 12 large Teardrop  glass beads from Quiapo
  • 200 flat circle glass beads from Quiapo
  • Long nose pliers


Quiapo is an assortment of shops that have different semi precious stones and lovely trinkets that rendered us the additional spark to our little project. I had leftover matte gold paint from this DIY Egyptian costume I did for my daughter before so I used only about half a can or less.


Spray paint livened up the old gold and made it come alive, adding color and life to the almost forgotten beauty of this chandelier.

I spray painted the gold parts first, more of the steps are clearer in the video where I share the complete process.

Next, adding the shimmer and sparkle was done with the help of a pair if long nose pliers and metal  wire. I couldn’t find my long nose pliers that were for making accessories, they are much smaller and lighter.

I figured out how the drop of the chain of beads would look like from the top to each arm. I also thought about how the Teardrop shaped beads would hang from the chandelier and started from there.



I share in the video above, how I completed the hanging of the beads on the chandelier and reattaching the different parts after putting on the decorations.

And here is the final look of our precious project and its unrealized beauty!


What do you think about this DIY project, let us know in the comments!



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