Sunday Brunch with friends is like rain on a hot, humid day; you thought it would never happen soon enough but when it does, it’s refreshing and you know that’s just what you needed.

Sunnies Cafe in Bonifacio High Street (near Lane P) is the “it” place for instagram friendly decor and food. The place was packed for Sunday early lunch.



It was a brunch gathering- all 10 of us with 6 little rascals tagging along, quite a circus compared to the couple in the corner or the 6 yuppies in the table next to us.


The All Day breakfast portion of the Menu caught my eye first so I got myself –

Chicken and Pancakes

Country style boneless fried chicken,bacon and thyme pancakes,sunny side up egg, maple syrup

I personally am NOT a fan of thyme. Addong it to pancakes would be the last thing on my mind but by golly it works. The pancakes were cheesy, bacon-ey, with the sweet of maple syrup. I would go back for those pancakes alone. Paired with unsweetened cappuccino, it was a breakfast I want to replicate in my own home. My son devoured the boneless chicken.


Crispy Honey Garlic Chicken Bowl

Crispy chicken, cilantro lime rice,homemade pickles

Dining out with kids is difficult because while ypu want to encourage them to eat on their own, you don’t want the waiter giving you looks because of the rice that has accumulated under your child’s chair or table. This dish in a bowl was an excellent pick for that purpose. My daughter also ate most of it, leaving two bites because she got full from eating half a pancake. She wants to taste EVERYTHING on the table.

The only thing that disappointed with this dish is the quantity, while it is a cheaper choice at Php230, the photo in the menu showed a bowl more filled up than what was served to us.


Spicy pomodoro

Linguini, mixed seafood and crispy spicy calamari, white anchovies, lemon, parsley

My friend ordered this and I didn’t taste it but it looks delicious.


Pot Roast Beef

USDA braised short plate, creamy mashed potatoes, homemade gravy, fried shallots

Normally my husband would ask me if I want to taste what he ordered but maybe we were busy chatting or telling the kids to eat. He ate it all. Soft tasty beef on mashed potatoes,I would eat that all alone in a heartbeat too, also with a cold beer to wash it down after.


Salmon poke Quinoa

Spicy raw salmon, avocado, mixed greens, quinoa, pickled red onions, seaweed, citrus ponzu dressing

I didn’t taste the dish because salad and RAW salmon. HAHA, kidding. My friend ordered it, not me. I liked the vibrant colors and expected varied tastes this plate brings.Maybe I would order this for dinner. Instead of avocado though, this time it had mango in it. Looks yummy enough for me to try raw salmon once.


See their complete menu here.

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