A Safari is a trip to an animal’s natural habitat to see wildlife in their natural habitat while cruising through the park in a vehicle.



Zoobic Safari describes itself as the “First and Only Tiger Safari in the Philippines” and houses a diverse plethora or wildlife from the Philippine Deer to the Dromedary Camel. I have some selected photos that I wanted to share with you on our Zoobic Safari adventure. A safari is a bit different from a zoo because we had to ride in vehicles to transfer from area to area and we rode a caged jeepney while our Safari guide fed the Tigers that would jump on the vehicles.

About 30 minutes away from Subic Freeport Zone, the scenery on the way to the Safari that is located in Ilanin Forest West is filled with lush greenery and coastlines of Subic Bay.  We arrived at Zoobic Safari a little past lunch and immediately queued at the Tram Waiting Area since we were in a School Field Trip.

Arrival and Shops

Upon alighting the bus, the children would immediately see a line of shops filled with toys, popcorn, ice cream, and hotdogs.  Arriving past lunch, some of us were definitely hungry and looking for food. The shops only offered light snacks during our visit but it was good our Tour driver let us stopover for some food along the way from Manila.

The Tiger Cafe had souvenirs inside and I didn’t see any food. Touring around the shops while waiting was helpful to pass the time a bit but when there was space on the chairs, we went on queue with our group and waited for our turn.

Tiger Safari Ride

Tiger Jeepneys that had grills and bars on the windows arrived to take passengers into the Tiger Safari. Once you go inside, the door are padlocked to ensure your safety while in the Tiger’s habitat. We were thinking at this time where we would sit and we chose the row right behind the driver since we could also get a view from the front. That didn’t really matter because the majestic Tigers came from above and the sides.

The Jeepney was full of excitement going in and we knew it was going to be a quick ride. Once we went in, a male tiger jumped on the top of the Jeepney, before minutes passed, there were already 2 of them on the roof. After some time, they went to the side of the vehicle to be fed.

After feeding them, our  Safari guide gave them a pat on their heads and for a moment they seemed like playful kittens.

I really tried my best not to be scared but these Tigers have such large jaws. I was thinking the whole time –

My head would fit in one bite.

This part was the coolest in our Safari ride, when a tiger that was staring lazily at the Tiger Jeepney slowly approached us. The tiger seemed it didn’t want to be bothered but it approached us to get a bite. I asked our guide, do they roar? He took a stick and made a clanging sound from the side of the jeepney.

We heard an earsplitting roar. I had goosebumps.

I advise not doing that on your Safari ride. It was the scariest thing. After a moment she went back to her little cozy spot under the tree and our jeepney exited the Safari grounds.

Tiger Close Encounter

Can’t get enough of the tigers? There’s more! After a short bus ride, we went to have a Tiger Close Encounter. Be prepared with face masks and a change of shirts because you will be entering a territory that the tigers have marked as their own by – you guessed it – peeing. The smell is (cue smelly cat song) plainly foul and only a few of us braved their way into the tiger’s den.

Take note of Visitor’s Rules #6 – If the tigers pull their tails up, be alert because they might spray urine to mark their territories. You have been warned. Enter at your own risk. But seriously, it took less than 10 minutes or maybe 5 even depending on how long you can breathe short breaths if you held your breath for the most of the time spent in there.

Croco Loco

Crocodiles are one of my greatest fears. My son could sense my fear and he was scared too while we were treading on the bridge that had little holes in it so you can see the float of crocs lurking down below in the shallow waters. A man had just fed them a chicken through a fishing rod and it was scary seeing them jumping up to get a bite of meat.

For some kids it was the coolest thing ever.

There were a lot of trivia signs about after the crocodile feeding grounds and we spent some time reading them until we were signaled to return the the bust for the next part of our Safari adventure.

Savannah Highlights

While in our vehicle going to the Savannah, we saw some Wagyu cattle grazing in the fields. Here are some selected photos where you can see the animals up close. There were rates for feeding the animals but we opted out of those. We observed some of the animals while some had photos taken with the friendly wide-eyed brown owl.

It was already mid-afternoon and we were headed after that to Ocean adventure so we had to wrap things up real quick.

Schedule and Rates

Zoobic Safari is a 3- 4 hour drive from Manila and is right at the edge of the Subic Bay Freeport Zone and Morong, Bataan. Aside from the Safari, they have an Animal show on Saturdays, Sunday and Holidays. Their rates are Php 695 per person and Php595 for children from 3-4 ft.


Zoobic Safari has the same owner as the Paradizoo in Cavite which my kids also greatly enjoyed visiting. Check out that post to see about the surprise we had after our visit.

We will definitely be back to Zoobic Safari to experience an animal show or even a Night Safari. That sounds like a lot of fun!

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