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Getting Started

What is a whale?

A "whale" is an unofficial title, used to refer to steemit accounts with a large amount of steem power!

Who are the whales?

There are two whales spearheading whaleshares- @OfficialFuzzy and @Fuzzyvest.

Each whale has a token associated with them:

When provided with these tokens, its use enables you to get an upvote from a whales on a Steemit post. The advantages are that it increases the payout of your post and the whale upvote may have the effect of getting a post up to the trending pages of steemit.

It is a new way to reward great posts by minnows that normally just go unnoticed and in turn, help them build up their steem power. In turn, this motivates whales to keep from powering down and ultimately should help prevent the price of steem from going down.

What are whaleshares?


Whaleshares are a project created by OfficialFuzzy that are tokens that works through the Bitshares dex.

For this reason, you will need a Bitshares account to participate.
BitShares 2.0 is a Financial Smart Contracts platform that is based on the Graphene technology built by Cryptonomex. BitShares does for business what bitcoin did for money by utilizing distributed consensus technology to create companies that are inherently global, transparent, trustworthy, efficient and most importantly profitable. This application is a web application and runs in a browser. A connection is established to a trusted node in the network that serves as a gateway to the rest of the ecosystem.

Here's is a guide on how to open a bitshares wallet:


Once ready, Download BitShares Wallet here.

I still have questions, what now?

Join us on Whaleshares Discord!

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